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Friday, February 10, 2012

Interview with Isabella 23 year old Mother of Twins.

                                        Interview with Isabella                                                                                                                                                      

Would you please state your age, race & religion.

I am 23 years old, Hispanic/Latina and christian.

Where/how did you met your Saudi. How long did the relationship last?

I met my Saudi through  a friend that introduce us both it was his roomate at their house, we were together for 7 months.

What was your Saudi's reaction to the pregnancy?

He was scared and the only words that came out of him was 'HOW COME". After that he said you must have an abortion because he was not ready to be a father, this will be a cursed to his life and, he wont be able to live in peace because he will be thinking about it constantly so lets get rid of this.!

Were your family members accepting of the relationship? How do they currently view the situation?

My family knew and accept it because they though he was well educated nice and a gentleman. Now they know they were wrong and he lie to us and disrespect and make fun of our family, home and honor.

Describe your current situation.(your life, your child's life, current situation with Saudi, etc.)

My life is amazing now, I think and I am sure that I been blessed even though I committed a sin by being with my Saudi but, I had two amazing fraternal twins and they are perfect and healthy. They are my joy and pride, I was able to have them for 9 months and i think that's very hard to do when you have twins. My current situation with my Saudi guys is very clear he wanted an abortion, and since I didn't do it he fled and went back to Saudi Arabia and states to anyone that ask him this are not my children, and he wants to be left alone and in peace.

Will the father be involved in any way in raising your child?

No, he doesn't want to be part of anything. He doesnt care about the kids and he tried to pay me 15, 000 dollars for the kids if he was left alone.

How are you dealing with the lack of support? (financial, emotional)

When I was pregnant, it was very hard for me go throw it alone and knowing that the father of my kids, couldn't realizes  what a blessing he had. Financially thanks to many programs in my town I was able to get the help I need but, it was not enough, especially when I have twins.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to finish my degree and be able to provide my children with the best that I can, and show them the other side of the culture they belong to. Also being able to raise intelligent, educated, children that love God,, show them many things I was not able to complete.

What advice would you give to another woman in your current situation?

I know it is hard and I know you are very confused right now and don't know what to do, who to believe and, trust but your not alone and, your not the only one in this situation and there is always hope. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!.

Is there anything that you would you like to say to your Saudi?

Yes, the only thing i will tell him is Fear Allah!.


  1. Yes indeed, fear Allah!
    These men need to take equal responsibility of their actions.
    Even if he does not want a life together with the woman, he HAS to take responsibility and take part in his children's lives. He is Muslim, it's his duty!
    Was the girl in contact with the Saudis parents and other family, do they know they have grandchildren?

    1. The unfortinuate fact is that most these men have no fear of Allah and feel no obligation to the children what so ever. How are our children going to feel one day when they realize how easily their Fathers discarded them. It angers me as a Mother, that I love my son more than my own life and he can be so easily forgotten, by his father.

      To Isabellas situation, I don't believe the parents know about the children. Some male members of his family know about her and her children but, they all work together lie and, hide the truth.

      Hopefully she will jump on and answer your question better.

  2. Hello layla , and no only his brother knows but he is a young kid and doesnt care about anything. They told me they dont want me or the kids and his brother doesnt care or worries about us one bit, to him is like i had the abortion n this babies are not his kids .i wish his father knew because no matter what they should know what his son has left behind.